Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines & Surface Preparation Equipment

King of Encapsulation Cleaning.

Cimex Carpet Machines surpass the shampooer competition by way of low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning. With three independent scrub heads mounted on a counter rotating planetary driver, the Cimex Carpet Machine delivers a superior clean that addresses all sides of carpet fibers in a single pass.

Floor Scrubbing in a Flash.

The Cimex Floor Scrubber is a multi-purpose machine suitable for cleaning and buffing virtually every type of flooring from concrete to wood, vinyl to carpet, rubber to tile. Our Cimex Floor Scrubber is ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces as its central motor provides even brush pressure at all times.

 X-46 Escalator and Travelator Cleaner

The Dirty Escalator Solution.

A dirty escalator detracts from the overall appearance of any facility. On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained escalator always makes a positive impression. The Cimex Escalator Cleaner quickly and thoroughly cleans dirty escalators and moving sidewalks. Tynex & Nylon brushes available.

Cimex Diamond Finisher

First-Class Floor Polishing.

A unique finishing system specifically designed for concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone floors. The Cimex Diamond Finisher allows for successive stages of stone floor preparation and/or restoration to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than conventional methods.

Cimex Scarifier

Commercial Grinding Greatness.

The Cimex Surface Scarifier is built to take the punishment of the most difficult industrial applications. The unique design of this heavy-duty machine maintains constant, grinding pressure upon surfaces whilst still avoiding uneven cutting and rotational scoring often found with lesser systems.

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