Cimex Diamond Finisher

First-Class Floor Polishing.

The Cimex Diamond Finisher allows for successive stages of floor preparation on concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and stone floors to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than is possible by conventional methods.

The three-headed, counter rotating system of our Cimex Diamond Finisher works in tandem with a selection of diamond faced finishing discs. These discs are graded from coarse to fine to accommodate newly laid floors, damaged stone and surface re-polishing. The generous 6.6 gallon solution tank allows for long stretches of uninterrupted usage during wet applications.

Thanks to its superior design, the Cimex Diamond Finisher maintains constant pressure on all surfaces. This allows for clean, even cutting without the rotational scoring often found in other floor finishing systems. Also featured is the forward and reverse function. This allows the machine to operate in both directions, ensuring a smooth finish.

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Our counter rotating system produces greater stability thereby eliminating the pulling action, and associated fatigue, of single head machines. As such, greater productivity is achieved and labor costs reduced.

Of its many positives, perhaps the best quality of the Cimex Diamond Finisher is the ease of use. Because of this simplicity, you can expect professional results every time.

  • Auto reverse action for extended brush life and brush tip sharpening
  • Excels on virtually every hard surface
  • Durable construction designed for industrial usage
  • Floating heads perfect for uneven surfaces
  • Huge variety of attachments available
  • Prepares, maintains and restores concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and stone flooring


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Weight 245 lbs


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