Cimex Spray Sweeper

Manual Wet-Sweeping, Made Better.

Sweep up any surface with the Cimex Spray Sweeper. This walk-behind machine collects debris in a single, efficient sequence of activated spray action and aggressive three-brush formation. Great for industrial plants and commercial properties, the Cimex Spray Sweeper will enhance the safety and presentation of your facility. At five times the speed of traditional brooming, hard floors become efficiently cleaner in less time.

Cleaning Path: 36″ Coverage: 20,000 ft²/hr
Container: 10.5 gal Weight: 57 lbs
Rolling Brush Width: 19″ Dimensions: 51.5″l x 32.5″w x 41″h
Tank Capacity: 1.5 gal Voltage: 12 v battery
Battery Capacity: 7,800 mAh Battery Working Time: 2 hrs
Spray Time: 2 hrs Power: 30 w


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The Cimex Spray Sweeper is an effective brushing machine that produces thorough results. Set-up features a three-positional push handle that can be adjusted by knob. A rechargeable battery integrates with a fuse and lasts up to 2.5 hours. Dual brushes are interchangeable, belt powered, and are capable of being raised / lowered to modify sweeping pressure. Activated directional spray nozzles can be adjusted between rough and smooth surfaces while utilizing a 1.5 gallon water tank. After operation, the tank can be drained and spray components are easily cleanable and replaceable.

The middle rolling brush is height controlled with a six-stage position lever, and the whole machine can maneuver over surface height differences of one inch at the front and 7.5 inches to the rear. The debris container lifts by handle and detaches for easy disposal of contents. Top filters are simply brushed clean or replaced after use. Upper and lower dustproof plates protect from behind, maintaining maximum containment – while the replaceable rolling brush fits centrally and is screw-secured. The Cimex Spray Sweeper is equipped to retain all forms debris with a unified wet-sweeping fusion that cleans quickly.

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Weight 40 lbs


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