About The Cimex Company

The Cimex line of equipment dates back to the early 1930’s when the three headed, counter planetary motion machine was originally commissioned by the Royal British Navy for use on the decks of their fleet.

The reason this machine exists was due to the pulling associated with single headed buffing equipment of the time. When at sea, specifically on the deck of a large military ship, keeping your footing is paramount lest you end up in the drink.

As such, the counter rotating motion was born. Our line of floor cleaning and resurfacing equipment still runs on the same principal employed some 80 years ago. The patented motion applies constant pressure to surfaces both flat and bumpy alike, all while maintaining it’s position. Turn the machine on and everything except the business end stays perfectly still.

You may never use your Cimex machine while sailing, but you can certainly enjoy the same applied ingenuity that saved countless sailors today.

“When at sea, specifically on the deck of a large military ship, keeping your footing is paramount lest you end up in the drink.”

Since then the Cimex brand has developed into the dependable machines known today. Until recently however, Cimex’s three headed approach remained overseas. We have now been serving the North American market since 2003.

Over the past decade, our unique brand of machinery has enjoyed steady and remarkable growth. The Cimex Carpet Machine is considered top banana by cleaning professionals utilizing the low moisture encapsulation method. In a similar realm, the Cimex Floor Scrubber stands as a fantastic choice for those looking to clean and/or polish virtually every form of hard flooring.

Our Cimex Diamond Finisher and its Modular System are perfect for grinding and polishing applications. For more aggressive removal and scaraification, look no further than our Cimex Surface Scarifier. Lastly, the Cimex Escalator Cleaner is recognized as a leader in the escalator/travelator niche cleaning market.

“The Cimex Carpet Machine is considered top banana by cleaning professionals utilizing the low moisture encapsulation method.”

As the North American division of Cimex, we proudly organize and support the sales of commercial grade floor cleaning and surface preparation machinery. Cimex counter planetary equipment is offered via our flourishing network of dealers and repair centers, of which is headquartered in beautiful Tallmadge, Ohio.

Meet The Cimex Team

Todd Jordan
Todd JordanPresident
Boss Man, Big Tuna, Head Honcho, Top Dog, El Presidente, The Don; Many euphemisms have been used to describe Mr. Jordan, we know him simply as Todd. Our Commander in Chief may be unconventional in certain aspects, like his unabashed love for the shorts/suspenders combo, but he more than makes up for it in astute planning, pinpoint execution and an unparalleled work ethic. Trust in the Todd.
Tim Gregg
Tim GreggNational Sales Manager
Todd’s longest tenured confidant, Tim is Cimex’s National Sales Manager for good reason. The man has dealt in industrial cleaning and surface preparation equipment since the tender, young age of 18. As the saying goes, “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that ol’ Lone Ranger but you can sure as hell call here and ask for Tim.”
Tami Birmingham
Tami BirminghamCustomer Service Manager
Tami is the resident workhorse of the Cimex family. From overseeing a long list of daily operations to molding the long term vision of our beloved company, she certainly keeps busy. Tami is a shining representation of professionalism and will gladly make time to help our dealers and repair centers succeed in their marketing, logistical and operational endeavors.
Carlene Poff
Carlene PoffAccounting Manager
The financial hawk that keeps this company rolling, Carlene is as swift and precise as screamin’ eagle plucking its prey from a torrid river. Her ability to spot omissions in an excel spreadsheet is penultimate to only two or three species of predatory bird. We count on Carlene to keep Cimex’s fiscal whereabouts in tip-top shape and boy does she ever deliver. You go girl.
Dave Epling
Dave EplingHead Technician
Dave is the only man to ever successfully slam a revolving door. The current rumor is that he has his very own line at the DMV. However you put it, Dave is sorta the man. A renaissance man to be more specific. He’s able to fix most anything. Redact that, he IS able to fix anything. You can call on our dear Dave should you ever have any questions regarding the repair of any Cimex machinery.

How to Buy

Interested in purchasing Cimex’s unique line of counter planetary products? You’ve got a few options! Check out our Find a Dealer page to find your nearest local distributor, fill out the form below, or give us a call and we’ll get started today!

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