Encapsulation Cleaning With The Cimex Carpet Machine

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Saves Time, Money & The Environment.

The Cimex Carpet Machine employs a unique encapsulation carpet cleaning method as an alternative to extraction carpet cleaning. Encapsulation, or encap carpet cleaning, is both faster and more efficient than extraction carpet cleaning. It works by using minimal moisture with maximum agitation to work a Cimex Crystallizing Cleaner into the carpet. This fast-drying chemicals then encapsulates loosened dirt into crystalline structures, which won’t stick to the carpet fibers. These crystals can then be vacuumed out of the carpet easily after drying.

“Encapsulation, or encap carpet cleaning, is both faster and more efficient than extraction carpet cleaning.”

Since the Cimex method of encapsulation carpet cleaning uses so little water, there is no need for a second pass to extract the excess moisture. This saves time and hassle by eliminating the need for safe disposal of wastewater. Also, the lack of wastewater makes encapsulation more environmentally friendly than extraction cleaning.

Steps for Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning With The Cimex System

  • As with any carpet scrubbing method, start by vacuuming the floor thoroughly.
  • If there are any heavy stains on the carpet, apply Cimex Strikeout Spotter to them prior to scrubbing.
  • Fill the tank on your Cimex Carpet Machine and mix in Cimex Crystallizing Cleaner at the correct dilution rate for your needs (32:1 for normal use and 16:1 for heavily soiled carpet).
  • Plug in your Cimex Carpet Machine, turn on the front switch and begin to scrub the carpet.
  • Using the flow control lever, release enough solution to slightly whiten the carpet as you pass over it at a medium speed.
  • Follow each wet pass with a dry pass over the carpet without the flow control lever engaged. If the carpet is heavily soiled, do more dry passes but no more wet passes.
  • After you’ve finished going over the entire carpet, leave it to dry.
  • Once the carpet is completely dry, thoroughly vacuum again to remove the encapsulated material.