Removing Carpet Glue with the Cimex Surface Scarifier

Making a Tough Job Easier with the Surface Scarifier.

Restoring large surface areas covered in old carpet glue and foam backing can be a labor intensive job without the right tools. Older buildings may have several layers of rock hard adhesives, spanning decades and, often times, multiple carpet installs.

Almost all of the popular prepping methods include chemical and mechanical means. One being chipping and hand scraping said adhesives with a putty knife. This method often requires the use of dry ice and takes considerably longer. If you’re not on a schedule and are working in a very small area this may be an option, but it’s generally not advisable for the rest of us.

Next comes solvents. If your adhesive is firmly bonded, solvents should dissolve it into a liquid. While this sounds like the easiest option, it has a few major drawbacks.

The now liquid adhesive can soak into the pores and crevices of the wood. Worst case material scenario means the solvent strips the old floor finish and prevents newly laid stains or finishes from bonding. Also, make sure you wear gloves and goggles, ventilate the room properly and keep those fans on full blast because adhesive dissolving chemicals are extremely toxic and give off some nasty fumes.

“You can enjoy the best of both scenarios when pairing our Surface Scarifier with the appropriate resurfacing and/or scraping attachments.”

Enter the Cimex Surface Scarifier. You can enjoy the best of both scenarios when pairing our Surface Scarifier with the appropriate resurfacing and/or scraping attachments. Mechanical removal will always be a safer method and generally result in a better looking floor without messy, clogged pores or discoloration.

The previously stated hindrance with chipping and scraping was time allotted. The Surface Scarifier removes this concern by greatly speeding up the process and still delivers exceptional results.

But you can’t beat the time and ease of solvents though, right? Not necessarily. You still have to wait for the solvent to set, scrape off the remaining residue, and avoid the toxic fumes and chemical burns associated. The Cimex Surface Scarifier quickly and efficiently lifts adhesives, without need for waiting around or frantically washing chemical splashing off your skin.

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Removing adhesives and foam from hardwood

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