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King of Encapsulation Cleaning.

The Cimex Carpet Machine sets the industry standard for low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning. This method of shampooing uses a polymer solution that encases or “encapsulates” the dirt particles.

The low moisture aspect of this approach means that it uses very little water compared to the more common hot water extraction technique. As such, you can feel good about reducing waste water and ultimately operating cost. That being said, the main reason to use this machine is the science behind the encapsulation process itself.

A frequent problem with regular carpet cleaning is that extractors use a soapy detergent that leaves behind a sticky residue. New dirt particles cling to this residue left on the carpet fibers, thus causing re-soiling. The encapsulation process creates a hard crystal shell around the dirt. Said dirt is then completely removed by vacuuming. Afterwards, the dust bags are neatly discarded. This stands in stark contrast to the dumping of many gallons of dirty water.

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In addition to the proven benefits of encapsulation cleaning, the Cimex Carpet Machine is a superior example of modern engineering. It uses a simple, but effective counter planetary motion to lift the dirt from soiled carpeting. The large main head spins in one direction while the three smaller brush heads spin in the opposite. This results in a deep, aggressive cleaning. Combine this with the science of encapsulation and the result is the best possible solution for commercial carpet cleaning.

Lastly, the Cimex Carpet Machine is easy and fun to use! The counter rotating heads keep it stable and in one spot, unlike single head machines that pull in one direction or another. It only takes a few moments to teach a staff member how to operate the best commercial carpet machine on the market today. We offer a standard 1 year warranty and our expert support staff is ready to assist you.

  • Carpets stay cleaner, longer using the science of polymer encapsulation
  • Cleans up to 3000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Low moisture means carpets dry quickly
  • No soil-attracting residue left behind
  • Brightness restored to soiled carpets via deep cleaning
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Huge selection of pads/brushes for every type of carpet


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Weight 175.00 lbs


1 review for Cimex Carpet Machine CR48CM

  1. Jacob.Dean

    My partner and I purchased this machine from the Dallas location of Jon-Don. Our primary reason was for the multiple restaurant accounts we have. I was very skeptical until we finished the first job we used it on. This machine is hands down the best encapsulate cleaner on the market. It cut down the time we spent at each job by at least an hour sometimes two. No more pulling hoses and dealing with a hot truck mount in the Texas heat.Unload, Fill, and have a nice walk behind it! We are in the process of purchasing our second one, and had some questions regarding attachments, sizes, different machines, etc. So I called the Ohio office of the Cimex company and spoke with Tammy. Tammy was not only extremely kind and easy to talk with, but she was more knowledgeable than I could have asked for. I kept her on the phone for a lot longer than I am sure she would have liked and she was more patient and willing to help than anyone except possibly my grandmother! Thanks Tammy for your wonderful attitude, your willingness to help, and the obvious pride you have in your job that shows through your knowledge. whoever is this women’s boss, give her a raise!!! Also Thank-you Cimex for making such an awesome machine that not only makes almost all of our jobs easier, but for making a product that i can still come home and pick up my 3 year old without my back giving out!! Great company and an even better staff.

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