Cimex Multiwash PRO 340

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The new re-designed range of Multiwash PRO scrubber dryers will wash, scrub and dry in just one single pass. Giving improved cleaning results, your floors will be left clean and dry ready for your customers and staff to walk on.

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Lift soil and debris from virtually every type of surface, leaving floors ready to walk on in minutes. The Cimex Multiwash pump sprayer applies a fine mist of detergent ahead of the brushes, keeping product and water use to a minimum. Utilizing small amounts of moisture for cleaning ensures faster drying floors, and quicker total cleaning time. This machine operates very easily and quietly, even disposal and tank refills are hassle-free. Equipped to accommodate different brush options, the Cimex Multiwash is a top option for everyone.

The Multiwash is best suited for retail stores, hotels / resorts, restaurants / kitchens, clubs / spas, hospitals, museums / libraries, residential carpets, schools / offices and much more.


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