PCD Diamond Scrapers


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Sold in sets of 9 wedges. Double 1/4 Round PCD Diamond Scrapers are perfect for removing heavy coatings. A set of  9 wedges and 3 Fast Change Plates (sold separately) are needed for the Cimex Diamond Finisher.

This modular system is based around the fast-change plate assembly. It’s incredibly versatile and effective in many situations with a wide variety of attachments that serve a range of purposes. With this single system, your Cimex machine becomes an all-in-one system that can grind, finish, and polish any concrete surface.

With this quick-change system, you can quickly swap out diamond blades or pad drivers to accommodate different jobs. There are many blades and pads available, including an array of diamond grinding/scarifying blades and polishing pads.

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Double 1/4 Round PCD Diamond Scrapers:

  • 9 wedges to a set
  • Use with the Cimex fast change system
  • Blue bond is perfect for grinding hard concrete
  • Aggressively removes heavy coatings
  • Direction specific
  • Use with the Cimex Diamond Finisher or Scarifier

Additional information

Weight 3.85 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in


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