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Pack of 3 Tynex® abrasive brushes. This brush is for aggressive scrubbing on concrete and for the stripping of resilient floors like terrazzo, and tile. The nylon bristles are impregnated with 80 grit silicone carbide to give extra scrubbing bite to any dirty job. They’re great for use on Cimex Scrubbers.

Tynex® is made by extruding a mixture of nylon and abrasive grit. This abrasive filament is unique because the sharp cutting edges of the grit are randomly positioned and can be held firmly against any work surface no matter what its shape. As the brush moves against the work surface, the flexible filaments bend at all angles to fit the contours of the piece being worked, so the cutting edges of the grit can make contact.


For 38 series 15″ machines choose 6″ brushes.

For 48 series 19″ machines choose 8″ brushes.

For 61 series 24″ machines choose 10″ brushes.

For 76 series 30″ machines choose 12″ brushes.