Cimex Crystallizing Cleaner


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Cimex Crystallizing Cleaner is a low moisture carpet cleaning detergent for use on commercial carpets.The mechanism used for Crystallization Cleaning is an embrittling agent that changes from a liquid to a very brittle crystal as it dries. Soils are trapped, crystallized, and removed by routine vacuuming. This eliminates the primary cause of rapid re-soiling… sticky residue. Crystallizing Cleaner exceeds all green cleaning criteria by the State of California. For use in the Cimex Carpet Machine.

Cimex Encap Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaner: Encap is a low moisture carpet cleaning concentrate for use on commercial carpets. Approximate coverage for maintenance cleaning of moderately soiled carpet is 12 to 15 thousand feet per gallon of concentrate. Please click the links below to view MSDS sheets or our product brochure.

Dilution Rates:

Normal use: 4oz. per gallon water (32:1)

Heavy soil: 8oz. per gallon water (16:1)

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Cimex Crystallizing Cleaner:

  • Sold in cases of 4 x 1 gallon bottles
  • The primary chemical component in the encapsulation cleaning process
  • Traps soil in crystallized coating to be vacuumed up later
  • Low moisture cleaning for minimal waste
  • Use with the Cimex Carpet Machine

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